My Policy on Homework


Written homework is assigned if students do not use their class time efficiently or if extra practice is needed. In most cases, time has been allotted in the classroom to begin the assignment. There will also be several projects and/or writing assignments throughout the year that require more time to complete. For these, students will receive a handout with assignment guidelines and evaluation.


Each student is assigned an agenda which will be brought home each day. I will sign it each day and ask that you sign it at home each evening, acknowledging that you are aware of your child's homework assignment.  It is the students responsibility to write down their homework for the evening and ensure that they take all necessary work home. If students happen to forget what their homework assignment is there is a Homework Online Page that is available from our classroom home page. This page is usually fully posted by 6PM the day preceding the beginning of the school week. Changes made to any scheduled homework during the day in class are posted that evening.


Homework Online does not exempt the student from taking appropriate notes in class and is only offered as a convenience for parents in keeping them aware of school work and projects. Whenever possible, projects and other significant assignments are also posted as a backup to handouts provided in class.