Reward System/Haley Buck's

How it works

 Each week, you are given 10 Haley Dollars to start with. During the week, you have many opportunities to gain more money or lose the money you have. Money is accumulated each week and is added to the following week’s wallet. At the end of each week there will be an auction for a prize that you may bid on. Also, at the end of every month the classroom market will be open, where you can use your money to purchase a variety of items on sale.

The money is cumulative throughout the year and so, there is time and opportunity to improve your behaviour and work habits. The final reward is the end of the year trip. You will need to accumulate 1000 Haley Dollars to go on the trip with the class. If you do not have this amount and have not shown maturity, responsibility and the ability to follow expectations, it will affect your chances of going on the end of the year field trip. You have been made fully aware of this class system and the consequences that come with continual inappropriate behaviour and classroom disruptions. On a positive note, remember that simply showing RESPECT for others will put you on the right track to success!

Class System 

Mh$ Haley Dollars Mh$ 

You will receive the following amount from Miss Haley if the following is demonstrated.




Homework is complete



Assignments are submitted on time 



Completing free-time activities



Volunteering in the parish, school and community


Mh$50 for each

Participating in extracurricular activities


Mh$50 for each

Showing school spirit


Compliments from other teachers and support staff



Acts of kindness




You will owe Miss Haley the following amounts if certain criteria are not met.




Homework is incomplete



Assignments are not submitted on the due date



Behaviour Problems

i.e., - Putting down classmates

       - Using offensive language

       - Act of aggression

       - Passing notes

       - Interrupting someone

       - Speaking out (no hand up)

       - Being off task when told to work

       - Messy workspace

       - Forgetting to put on shoes


Varies per Offense