Exciting English 8

Welcome to English 8!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What supplies will I need?

Every Student Needs:

  • 100 to 125 page composition book
  • pencils and blue or black pens
  • A device to connect to the internet to reach Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Achieve 3000, and vocabulary.com.  Don't have a device? Virgnia Beach Middle is happy toloan any student a  laptop and assistance in getting internet. 

Optional Supplies

  • Highlighter
  • gluesticks


  • Any school supplies, including tissues, are welcome donations.  All donations will go directly to student use.  Thank you so much for donating if you are able.

How will I be graded?

This class is based on a point system. The student’s grade will be determined by dividing the total points an individual earned by the total points possible in the class (ex: 800 individual points/1,000 total points possible = 80% = B).

Every grade is important.  See Mrs. Long if you wish to turn in work late.  There may be chances to retake or redo major assignments, essays, or tests – listen carefully in class to take advantage of these opportunities.

How do I get in touch with Mrs. Long?

The fastest, best way to contact me is by email.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Will I have to take an SOL for this class?

8th grade English has two SOLs. 

Writing 8 -- March 2018

This is a two part test: Grammar and Writing Multiple Choice and a Short Paper (5 paragraph essay) 

Reading 8 -- May/June 2018

This is a reading comprehension and analysis test.  The test is multiple passages long requires reading endurance.