Rules and Consequences

As a student you are expected to…

                -Treat your classmates with respect: remember the golden rule to treat others as you want to be treated.

                -Keep your hands (and any other body parts) to yourself: this also means don’t write on, break, or steal anything that does not belong to you.

                -Be prepared to learn and participate at all times, which means following directions and staying focused on the task at hand.

                -Be cooperative: This means working together with your classmates, take turns listening to everyone, and sharing responsibility with work (remember-you don’t have to be friends with everyone in the class, but you do have to be good classmates to everyone, it will make learning a lot easier and more fun).

                -Be willing to talk it out: we do not tolerate bullying or violence of any kind at our school, so make sure to think before you act or speak, which means to speak calmly and clearly when there is a problem or issue.

As your teacher you can expect me to…

                -Treat every one of you with respect

                -Keep our classroom safe and positive

                -Be available when you have questions or need extra help

                -Teach you what you need to know as 4th graders

These consequences are NOT punishments: each student is responsible for their behavior, therefore, they are the ones who control whether or not they receive any of these consequences.

                -Step 1: Verbal warning. No one is perfect, and sometimes slip-ups occur.

                -Step 2: The student and I will fill out a behavior change sheet. This includes stating the behavior, why it was wrong, and a better behavior that can be used instead. We will go over this together during recess, sign it, and I will send a copy home with the student to get signed by a parent/ guardian.

                -Step 3: The student and I will have a conference during recess to go over if/why the behavior change sheet was not enough. We will modify the behavior change sheet (if necessary) as well as the student will write a letter to their parents explaining what happened and what they will do differently next time. This will be signed by a parent/ guardian, and I will also call home to notify them.

                -Step 4: If a student ever gets to this step, they will have a 20 minute detention with me after school, as well as going and having a conference with either the vice principal or the principal. There will also be a review of the behavior change sheet, and I will make a call home to the parent/ guardian.

**It is important to also keep in mind that our school has a zero tolerance policy, which means that if a student is engaged in any form of bullying or violence, they will immediately be removed from class and sent to the principal’s office, who will then determine what action should be taken for this student. This means that the above steps do not apply in this case.