Behavior Plans

As you can see from the consequences for classroom behavior, I utilize behavior plans when a student is having difficulty with a particular behavior. Behavior plans are useful because the student is actively involved in the process of changing their behavior, instead of just me telling them what to do. I am welcome to parent/ guardian participation in the behavior change process, but it is important to have the child be the main participant, because they are ultimately the person who has to do the changing.

When a behavior plan is implemented…

The student and I will fill out a behavior change sheet which outlines:

  •  the behavior the student needs to change
  •  why the behavior should be changed
  •  a better behavior that can be a replacement
  •  a set amount of time that this plan will last
  •  a reward for the student when the behavior has successfully been replaced. The student and I will brainstorm and agree upon this reward (a prize from the treasure chest, paper passer duty, homework pass, etc.) and sign the behavior contract.

This will then be sent home to be signed and returned by a parent/ guardian.