Upcoming Events

We will have 2 fieldtrips this year that I’m very excited about!

We will be going to the Museum of Science and Industry as a part of our weather unit in Science. The museum has a wonderful hands-on exhibit called “Science Storms” that will really give the students a new perspective on what we will be talking about in class.

We will also be going to Naper Settlement as a part of our Social Studies unit on early America. The students will be able to walk around a town that includes a church, a schoolhouse, a mansion, and even a blacksmith shop! This will help enrich the student’s views on what life was like when people first came to America and how life back then was compared to life now.

*Since there are 25 students in our class, I will be looking for 4-5 volunteers to come with us on these trips as chaperones. This will help ensure that when our class breaks up into smaller groups during these trips, the students will be supervised and watched after, which will make for a fun and safe experience. Parents, guardians, or older siblings (who are at least 21) are all welcome to volunteer; all you have to do is indicate on your child’s permission slip that you would like to help out! If there are any questions, feel free to contact me.

** We will be going to the Museum of Science and Industry in early December and Naper Settlement in late April, so I will let you know how much each trip will cost per child when the time comes closer to us actually going. I know that it can be difficult at times to have money to spare for fieldtrips such as these, which is why I am letting you know now so that if we need to we can set up a payment plan. This has seemed to help other students and their families in the past, so I want to make the same offer to you. I can tell you that the cost will not go over $10, but it all depends on how many total students will be going between the four 4th grade classrooms.