Snack Policy

As an avid runner, I am always snacking on something (or so it seems) so I absolutely believe in having snacks in my classroom. If a student is hungry, they will probably be thinking more about what is packed in their lunch than what is going on in the classroom, so I will allow small snacks to be eaten throughout the day. After looking over all of the “Getting to Know You” surveys, there are 2 students in our classroom that are allergic to peanuts, so PLEASE do not let your child bring any snack that contains peanuts to school. I will try my best at the beginning of each day to have everyone show me their snack. I will also allow water bottles in my class, but only water, because any other drink has a lot more potential to be messy.

Also, whenever it is a student's birthday, he/she is more than welcome to bring in treats/ snacks/ drinks for the class if he/she would like. All that I ask is that these items do not contain peanuts, and that it be brought in before the beginning of the day if possible (if this doesn't work out with work schedules, just let me know and we can work something out).