About Miss Kunesh

Hi there!

My name is Megan Kunesh and I am absolutely thrilled to be your child's teacher! I graduated from Benedictine University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Literature. It seems that I have always been passionate about helping others and that is why I knew that teaching was the only career that could truly allow me to continue not only helping others learn, but to also help me learn along the way. I really do believe that it is possible to learn something new each day, regardless of your age, and I hope to inspire each and every one of my students to strive to learn as much as possible and enjoy the learning experience.

I was an active participant in Girl Scouts for 13 years, and I coached gymnastics classes for about 5 years as well. I am a big sports fanatic, and I am always excited to hear what my students have to say about any games they watched over the weekend, as well as any kind of activity (sports related or not) they are passionate about that they participate in. I am also a devoted runner, so don’t be surprised if your child comes home to tell you that I participated in a round or two of kickball, it’s probably true! I absolutely love to read, and I must say that the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling are my favorite books, but I am always up for a new read!

I am really looking forward to learning more about your child, it is always so rewarding for me to be able to spend as much time as I do with our class, and I am equally excited to learn more about you (the parents & guardians) as well! This is going to be a wonderful year!