Welcome Letter

Welcome to a new and exciting year!

Welcome to Room 2 

Welcome Parents and Students!

I look forward to the new school year that has approached us! We are about to embark on a journey together that will have a great influence on the course of your child’s future academic success. As your child’s kindergarten teacher, I am excited to think of the possibilities and opportunities that your child will encounter along the way.

The responsibility to lay the proper academic foundation is an awesome one. I am so pleased to be a partner with you in the quest to meet this challenge.

 I want to ensure you that in addition to providing your child with a rich and creative environment, I will be focusing on the direct, systematic instruction of phonemic awareness, phonics, grammar, handwriting, and math.  

My expectations for your child are high. Each student will be working to become an independent learner and responsible for their actions. I believe it is important to hold these precious little ones accountable.  

Enclosed is a copy of my behavior plan, which includes a clear set of basic rules. Consistency is the key to helping your child become all they can be. 

During the first couple weeks, don’t panic if your child gets a behavior notice sent home. The children need to see that I keep my promises and will follow through. I have balanced the negative consequences with positive rewards for responsible learning choices, enabling all students the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments quickly.  

Again, I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher and look forward to our voyage together. 


 Megan Coursol 

P.S. I understand how important you are to the educational process! You provide a valuable lens that will enable me to gain a clearer view of your child. Please contact me whenever you have questions or concerns.(951)926-0700 or mcoursol@hemetusd.k12.ca.us