Homework for the Week of September 14th - September 18th  Announcements for the week:
  • Friday, September 18th there will be a School Site Council Meeting at 2:15!
  • Completed homework packets are due on Friday.
  • If you are interested in working in the classroom on a regular basis, stop by the office and get information on TB clearance.
  • If you are able to donate small toys or favors to be used as class rewards it would be greatly appreciated.
  • The directions for the math are at the bottom of each page. Please color in with crayons, instead of using cubes.


Math - In Class: Topic 2-1    Homework: Reteach 2-1 and Practice 2-1          Topic 1 Test Form A          Review Topic VocabularyLanguage Arts – In Class: Lesson 11    Homework: “Unit 1 School Lesson 6” Sheet.Parent Signature: _____________________________ 
TuesdayMath - In Class: Topic 2-2    Homework: Reteach 2-2 and Practice 2-2          Topic 1 Test Form B          Review Topic VocabularyLanguage Arts – In Class: Lesson 12    Homework: “Unit 1 School Lesson 11” Sheet.Parent Signature: _____________________________ 
WednesdayMath - In Class: Topic 2-3    Homework: Reteach 2-3 and Practice 2-3           Review Topic VocabularyLanguage Arts – In Class: Lesson 13    Homework: “Unit 1 School Lesson 13” Sheet.Parent Signature: _____________________________ 
Thursday Math - In Class: Topic 2-4    Homework: Reteach 2-4 and Practice 2-4           Review Topic Vocabulary    Language Arts – In Class: Lesson 14    Homework: Unit 1 School Lesson 14” Sheet.Parent Signature: _____________________________