Ms. Ngou's Class Website

Hello and welcome to the class website for the academic year 2016-17.

I'm Ms. Ngou, and I'll be teaching Biology at Room 215. 

I'm a new teacher at Mira Mesa High School, and this is also my first year teaching full-time. I have a BS in Biology: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, and I minored in Interdisciplinary Computer Arts. My alma mater is UCSD, and I'm more than happy to discuss any future/college plans anyone might have about the UC system. I sincerely look forward to all the new experiences this year will bring, and I'll do my best here at MMHS.

On this website, you will find announcements, deadlines, and links to download documents used in the classroom. It is highly advised that my students own a Gmail account in order to access the Google documents I'll be uploading for class, as a portion of classwork require online access for completion. 

Website Navigation:

  • The 'Assignment' page contains a table of the assignments assigned for the current unit. Assignments are not available for make-up once the unit is over, saved for situations where the student has a prolonged case of excused absence.
  • Check the 'Journal' page for entries in the notebook that you may have missed due to absences.
  • 'Overhead' links to the Google folder containing lecture slides you have missed, or simply want to revisit. I will update these around twice a week.
  • For the list of lab work done in class, as well as the printable version of each lab sheet, go to 'Lab'. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the lab work returned stays in the lab binder.
  • You can find a list of links leading to documents that are needed in class at 'Resources', some of the documents are simply samples for your viewing needs, and some are required readings for your assignments.

How to Contact Me:

Parents and students are more than welcomed to email me with inquiries about the curriculum, graded work, sick leave, or even the content of the unit we're studying currently. However, keep in mind most of the classwork and lab work information should be available on the website already, so take a look at the 'Assignments' page first if you're simply confused about what's due when!

My email:

For parents that would like to meet with me to discuss their students, please email me with the cause of concern as well as your time availability. I'll do my best to respond as soon as I can. 

For students concerned about make up work, retaking a test, or other assistance with long term absence, come see me between class or at lunch personally so we can properly sort out what you need! 

Schedule: TBA

Office Hours: TBA
After-school Tutoring: TBA