What is i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction?

i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction is an online, interactive learning environment designed to assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student’s unique needs.


Your child recently completed the initial i-Ready pre-tests in reading and mathematics. According to the test results he/she has been assigned online instruction to support his/her progress in mastering skills.


You will receive paperwork with your child's iReady level in reading and math.


If "Overall Score" is "First Grade" level or above - then complete a total of 45 minutes in reading and 45 minutes in math weekly (Monday – Sunday). The minutes reset to zero on Monday.


If your child scored an "Overall Score" of "Kindergarten" Level - then do 60 minutes in reading and/or 60 minutes in math weekly (Monday – Sunday) ~ to help catch your child up to grade level. The minutes reset to zero on Monday.


Be advised that there is a way to check the TIME SPENT on each subject. Just click on Reading or Math. Then click the MY PROGRESS button at the top of the page. You may then see the TIME ON TASK information.


Most weeks we will have time to complete some of the iReady minutes in the classroom and/or computer lab. This will help towards the 45 minutes in each subject area.


We will be doing weekly monitoring to ensure iReady lessons are being completed at home.

Thanks for your help at home.


Click to see the i-Ready Parent Guide.