Reading Resources, Websites and Tips


Here are some good reading websites your student can go on and practice phonics skills, reading and comprehension activities, word work, sentence structure and more! - no username/password needed  -   Username: locke    Password: learn   - Teachers will send home username and password for your student.   -no username/password needed   Teachers will send home username and password for your student.


Also, please check out MPLES main website for many more links to student learning websites!


At home reading "homework" guidelines and tips:

The most important thing is to get your student reading- the above websites should be a supplement to their actual reading of books sent home or books read on Bookshelf. 


  • Environment:  Find a quiet, cozy place for your student to read daily/nightly for 30 minutes. Make sure the area has adequate lighting.
  • Specific Leveled Books:  Choose/give student books at his or her level to read. We (teachers) will be leveling our students the first week or two. We will let you know their level as soon as we can. We will be lending students leveled books to read at home. These books MUST be returned or new ones can't be lent out again. Please take care of the books.
  • Other Books:   Throw in a book or two of his or her choice for fun- it may not be at his or her level- but you can help them with words they don't know. This will help instill a love of reading!! It also gets you involved - you are their first teacher after all! You can use some of the books your student picks out from the MPLES Media Center ( we will be taking our students to check out books) or go to your local library to check out even more books!
  • The Love of Reading:  Let your student see you reading! You can read something you like while they are reading their leveled books- this will create family bonding time and also creates a love of reading!
  • Practice word lists-  Once we have leveled our students - teachers will be sending home word lists for the students to practice at home. 
  • Bookshelf- Teachers will be sending home username and passwords so your student can get on American Reading Company's Bookshelf - which will give your student access to hundreds of leveled books. The website link/address for Bookshelf is listed above.









"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb