What We Have Been Doing

Seneca webquest - Make sure you have your worksheet with you before you begin.  Laughing

The World Before This One

 Subject: Seneca Indians
Professor: Mrs. Peterson

Introduction: In this webquest, you will learn a little bit about the Seneca people and their history.
Task: Complete your worksheet as completely as possible. Be sure to use your own words! Most answers will be more than one sentence or statement.
Process: With your worksheet next to you, visit the following websites to learn more about the Seneca people. DO NOT USE OTHER WEBSITES!
Resources: Only use these websites in your quest. Using other websites will result in a failing grade.

Seneca Tribal History

Seneca clothing in the 1800s

Eastern Woodlands Religion/Spirituality

Facts for Kids

Evaluation: Make sure you turn in your worksheet when you are finished with the assignment.
Conclusion: The Seneca in our story lived in a different time. It almost feels like a different world as we read. Keep in mind how these people lived, what they believed, and the significance of stories in their culture.