Teaching Philosophy

            Education is the key to one’s success.  An effective teacher is needed to ensure that the key to success is accomplished.  In order to be an effective teacher, one must have a passion for teaching.  I personally do not believe that someone can do a good job at something, if they don’t love what they do.  After many years of completing my degree to become a teacher, I still have as much passion for teaching Science as I did when I first envisioned myself as a teacher.  Therefore, I am positive that I will be an effective educator. 

            I believe that all children can learn, even those with exceptionalities.  As a matter of fact, I believe that every person in the classroom has some type of exceptionality; some may struggle in the areas of math, science, English, etc., but as a teacher it will be my job to be creative in developing different ways to accommodate each and every student’s learning style.  While trying to ensure that I am reaching every student, I will keep in mind that all students learn at different rates and in different ways.  To ensure that I fulfill my duty as a teacher, I will attend many workshops to help me create new methods of teaching; thus meeting the educational needs of students growing up in this ever changing world.

            I believe that in order to be an effective teacher, one must take into consideration the art of a student-centered environment.  I've observed many teachers over the years and I've concluded that they seem to want the classroom to run the way they feel that it should, not taking into consideration that it is not all about us, as teachers; but rather about the students.  Therefore, teachers should not ignore the fact that students need to learn and it is best to learn what it will take to ensure that the classroom is conducive to learning.  Whatever it takes to make learning happen in my classroom, I will be sure to do just that.

              I believe that students learn best from each other.  Student interaction is an effective way for students to learn.  I plan to allow peer tutoring and cooperative learning in my classroom, because I believe that allowing students to work in groups is a great way to allow the students to learn from one another.  I will not lecture all day long, but instead I'll encourage discussion by using probing questions where they students will have to explain why they understand things a certain way.  Whatever it takes to ensure that learning is taking place, I will be sure to allow it in my classroom. 

            I believe that the teacher should create a fun and enthusiastic learning environment.  The mere thought of having a classroom of straight-row seating at all times is a very boring and non-creative way of teaching students.  The students should not be made to feel that the classroom is not a fun learning environment.  I want my students to enter my classroom and know how fun learning is, because I believe that if a classroom is not fun, the students will not grasp the lessons well, but if the lessons are taught in a fun and encouraging way, the students will learn more.  Because we have to be able to grasp and retain the students’ attention, effective teachers have to be fun and creative thinkers.

            My personal educational beliefs fall into the category of progressivism.  Progressive teachers tend to blend in the concerns, interests, and reality experience of the students into the work so that the students are being taught how to face the real world in acceptable ways.  New approaches to teaching are something I believe is necessary in order for the teacher and students to have effective communication.  I believe that an educator should seek ways in which to assign tasks that will encourage the students to use their intuition when completing assignments.  I believe that this will expand the students' knowledge as to how to handle the information that they learn in school and collaborate it into their lives outside of the classroom. 

            Being a teacher is not just going into the classroom and teaching something.  It is a challenging job.  One must be able to develop lesson plans prior to the lessons being taught, prepare any material that is needed for the students, and many other things are needed in order to ensure that learning is taking place.  Sometimes, a teacher must go further than the call of duty.  We may sometimes have to be counselors, for those who need someone to talk to about things that are happening, perhaps at home, or elsewhere.  As a teacher, my goal is to be the best teacher I can be.  What exactly does “best teacher mean?”  It means that I will use all of the skills I’ve obtained and be creative with them, making sure that learning is taking place in my classroom.

            Many may think that teaching is all about being in control and being the authority figure in the classroom.  I believe differently.  I believe that an effective teacher is well prepared, having more than enough material to ensure that time is not wasted in the classroom.  I’ve been informed by other high school teachers that there is not enough time spent in the classroom, therefore, it is almost impossible to teach objectives clearly and efficiently.  Haven been informed of this, I will ensure that I am prepared to take advantage of every minute students are present in my classroom, and make every moment a teachable and learning moment.  

            Effective teachers are able to lets students know what is important and what is expected of them.  In my future classroom, I will ensure that my students know what I expect of them by giving them a handout that outlines my expectations for the year.  I will have them sign a contract stating that they were informed of the expectations, and that they agree to meet those specified prospects.