Birthdays, Snacks and Water Bottles


On each child's birthday, he or she is invited to bring something special to school to share.  Examples include a collection, photographs, a trip souvenir, or something related to a hobby.  In addition, your child may bring a special read-aloud to share with the class.  Either the birthday child, a family member, or I can read the special selection to the class.  If you would like to come into school to read, please contact me a week prior to your child's birthday to schedule a time for your visit.  

Look for a short biographical form to come home the week before.  Please help your child fill it out, so the birthday becomes a special day when the class gets to learn more about your second grader.  Children with summer birthdays are invited to celebrate their half-birthdays instead.  Please help me abide by the school's no-food policy by not including edible treats in your child's school birthday celebration.



We are a peanut & nut free class.

Here is a list of foods, aside from nuts and peanut butter, which may contain nuts: Please look at the ingredient list on the actual product carefully. 

1. Hershey Products: If they do not have an allergy statement on them, they are peanut/nut free!

2. Nestle Products: These do not have to have an allergy statement on them because if the ingredients do not list peanuts/nuts, then they are produced at a separate plant and are peanut/nut free. Read the ingredients carefully.

3. Reese’s products are all made with peanut products.

4. Chocolate products, read the labels carefully.

Foods which may contain peanuts/nuts – Read the ingredient list carefully.

5. Granola Bars

6. Caramel Corn

7. Packaged sandwich crackers

8. Mixed nuts, ground nuts

9. Yogurt with crunch on top (the crunch contains nuts)

10. Anything cooked with peanut oil: Many food products that do not actually have peanuts/nuts in them are prepared on the same equipment as peanut/nut products and will state at the end of the ingredients: “May contain peanuts.” These products run the risk of cross-contamination and must be treated as if they do contain peanuts. Please check all items carefully as peanut allergies may be extremely severe and we need everyone’s cooperation to ensure the well- being of our students.


Water Bottles

There is a water fountain close by to our class, however your child may bring a water bottle to school if they feel they need it.  

We put water bottles on the counter if we are using iPads.