Speciation Project

Speciation and Early Earth Project

Topics: Speciation, Macroevolution, early organisms, and primordial soup.
 Procedure: Starting with Tier 1, select activities to achieve you point goal.  Use textbook, internet, and reference CDs provided.  Once your point goal is reached, move on to Tier 2.  Then move to Tier 3.  Daily Progress should be charted and discussed with Ms Thibodeaux.  All assignment should be completed in a notebook or binder (unless stated in instructions) and kept in order. Helpful Hint: Plan your assignments wisely.  Use class time for internet work and use time at home for items that can be done with a textbook.

Webbased questions and assignments:

Module A: Match the phrase with the appropriate statement.  In your notebook, rewrite each question as a statement.  For example, 1.) Polar bears are examples of speciation through glaciers.

 1.) Diverged after a population was split by the agrand canyon A.) Meadowlarks
 2.) Different species evolved in separated Death Valley springsB.) Honeycreepers 
 3.) Mating between species may have sped the spread of West nile virusC.) Antelope squirrels
 4.) Different diets led to reproductive barriers in a laboratory experiementD.) Darwin's finches  
 5.) Look much alike, but sing different songsE.) Mosquitos 
 6.) These birds are unique to Hawaiian IslandsF.) Fruit Flies 
 7.) Different species have different beaks, but sometimes hybridizeG.) Pupfish