Quest: Music Appreciation

Welcome to our class!

Welcome to the Music Appreciation (MUS170) web page.  Here I will post important reminders about due dates, course notes and handouts as well as some links to concert locations and other interesting music sites.  I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of music with you!

Class Schedule
 Week 1:
 Week 2:
 Composer Topic Due
 Intro: pgs. 1-48
History: pgs. 79-134 
 Week 3:
 Week 4: 
 Composer Paper Due
 History: pgs. 135-169
 World: 49-54
 Quiz: Listening
History:  pgs. 170-214
 Week 5:
 Week 6:
 Timeline Topic Due
 History: 216-252
 World: 55-63
 Quiz: Listening
 History: pgs. 253-292
 World: pgs.64-70
 Quiz: Theory
 Week 7:
 Week 8:
 Timeline and Presentation Due
 History: pgs. 293-346
 World: pgs. 71-78
Quiz: Theory

 Note-Worthy News!

  Don't forget to check the Concert Schedules and Handouts pages!

Upcoming Concerts:


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