Summer Assignment

AP Art History Summer Assignments


Throughout the course next year you will be looking at many different pieces of artworks from around the world. We will only be able to see these as slides and pictures in textbooks, but to really appreciate art, you should see it in real life. To help you get used to looking at artwork, you summer assignment is further explained below. Email me this summer with any questions.





Ms. Erica Ness




Museum Assignment


Choose AT LEAST ONE museum from those listed below;


a.     Bowers Museum – - $9 admission or free on first Sundays

b.     Getty Museum and Getty Villa – – Free every day

c.     LA Museum of Contemporary Art – - $5 with ID or Free on Thursdays after 5pm

d.     LA County Museum of Art – – Free if you are under 17, sign up for NexGen, and bring an adult(adult is free when accompanying you). If you are 18 it is $8 with ID.

e.     Norton Simon Museum – – Free with student ID.

f.      Orange County Museum of Art – - $10 with student ID

g.     Museum of Latino American Art – - $6 with Student ID

Choose at least two different artworks from the museum that are from different periods that fit into one of these two categories;


a.     Portraits (Pictures of people – can be self portraits, pictures of the artist, or portraits of other people)

b.     Landscapes (Pictures of land – these can be of nature, with or without people, or cities)

 Record the Name of the Artist, the Name of the Artwork, the date the artwork was created, the medium (what it’s made of) and any other information provided with the work.

 If the museum allows you to take a photograph make sure you take one, or look it up online. Attach these at the end of your essay on an additional page.

Using this information write a 3 to 5 page essay (double spaced, Times New Roman font) with at least two references. Your essay should provide information about each of the works of art and the artist who created the work. In addition compare and contrast the pieces of artwork. Your essay should have a clear introduction, thesis, conclusion, and supporting facts.

You will need to check in on the following dates. 

    1. Outline must be emailed by July 9th to
    2. Rough Draft due with title page and work cited page (must be in MLA format) by July 23rd to
    3. Final Draft due printed on August 13th at the beginning of the period.




First Thursday Assignment


  1. Attend the Riverside First Thursday Art Walk in downtown Riverside either on July 1st or August 5th in the evening.
  2. Visit the Galleries and museums that are open to the public.
  3. Write a one page response to any artworks you saw that you thought were interesting, explain what made them interesting, describe the artwork and if possible ask the artist for information about the artwork.
  4. This assignment is due on August 13th at the beginning of the period.






If you have any questions as you work on these assignments, or questions about the course email me at


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