About Me

Ms. Weinberg

A few of my favorite things:

  • I love to read! Mysteries are my favorite, but I like history novels too.
  • I love spring and summer, but my favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • I love to go out on the boat or spend my summer days at the pool.
  • I love candles and pens!

My college: Grand Canyon University

Experience: This is my first year! I have been involved with the school system for four years

I can use American SIgn Language and I spent a majority of my previous years in special education services.

My family: I have a wonderful, supportive family which includes my spouse and beautiful little girl. We also have three dogs and a cat! I believe in big families and the power of support!


My hometown is in Baltimore, Maryland so I am a Raven's fan!

I consider myself aN adventourous person, who pays specific attention to detail and LOVES to have fun!

I look forward to learning more about each of you!