My Rewards


  1. Each student will recieve thier personal I.D.
  2. Points will be given and taken away based on behavior. A good behavior gets a point or more and a bad behavior results in points being taken away.

The points are the fun part. For every 18 points the student gets a prize! These can range from a "pass" on a homework assignment or "shoes off while at your desk" pass. Also, as a whole when the class reaches 180 points we will have a class pizza party. Reming your child that these can happen more than once! These simple rewards will be sure to keep your child on track and also let them have some fn throughout the school year. 


Here is the link for class dojo. I will provide specific details on the first day of school. This application can be downloaded to your phone and is the perfect way for you to stay in connecton with your child's educational year. Please remeber the same rules apply to dojo as in the "contact me" section of this webpage.



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Have Fun!
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