Homeroom Outline for Language and Math

Mrs. MacLean’s Class 76

Language Arts/Math/Homeroom Outline  Homeroom Stuff 

Students need to ensure they come to class prepared with proper materials to do their best work!  Each student will need their own supply of pens, pencils, pencil crayons, erasers, a calculator, a binder and lined paper for class.  All assistive technology will be used if needed. Modifications and accommodations for each student will be addressed daily, so everyone has the best chance for success in the grade 7 program.

To see what is happening in our homeroom class you can visit http://maclean76.educatorpages.com for a weekly update on homework in math and language, upcoming events, student achievements and pictures of what we have been up to.  I will attempt to make this our class website!  It may change but for now this is the address we will use. 

Contacting me through email will be the best way to get a hold me if you have concerns to discuss outside of school hours.  My email address is stephanie.maclean@tldsb.on.ca.  If you leave a message for me at school I will try to reply back as soon as possible.


The language curriculum is divided into three parts: writing, reading and oral/visual.  Each area is evaluated equally between four areas outlined in the Ministry documents: reasoning 25%, communication 25%, organization 25% and application of language conventions 25%.  Daily work, homework, assignments, notebooks and tests will be examined during the assessment process using a variety of methods. During the year the grade 7 students will be completing the following: 

Term 1 (September – November):

·        “Me Unit” from Crossroads

·        Novel Study: (title to be determined)

·        Learning and reviewing basic writing formats (mostly focusing on strong paragraph structure)

·        Weekly spelling and grammar exercises

 Term 2 (November-March):

·        Short Stories

·        Novel Study (title to be determined)

·        Poetry Unit

·        Speech

·        Weekly spelling and grammar exercises

 Term 3 (March-June):

·        Media critique

·        Novel Study (independent)

·        Expository writing


Math will be taught and evaluated through five strands of understanding: Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, Data Management and Probability.  Each strand will be touched on in all three terms, however not all strands will be evaluated at the same time.  We will be following the Nelson Mathematics grade 7 programme, but modifications and accommodations will be made if necessary.  Assistive technology, manipulatives, group work and real life applications will be integrated into the math program.  Assessment will be based on daily work, small quizzes and group projects using a variety of methods.