French V

This page is for French V class stuff which includes weekly speaking activities, video speaking activities, schedules, and anything else I need to put on the web.

In addition to the in class and video speaking activities, you are required to submit one speaking assignment weekly discussing anything that you did, will do, or want to do.  This will be due each Friday.  The box to use for recording your response is right below this description.  I will tell you in class if you should use a particular verb tense or include certain vocabulary words. You may prepare what you are going to say the first few times, but I would like you to work toward spontaneously talking.  If you really don't like what you recorded, you may erase it and record again.  For this first recording you should talk for at least 30 seconds.  Have fun with this and pretend you are just talking to a French person!

This is the first video speaking activity.  It is due Friday, Aug. 27, 2010.  
DO NOT click on the red X or the cancel button.  This will delete all the responses that you have so far recorded.  Once you have clicked to listen to my video question, it CAN NOT be stopped.  You must listen to it completely before beginning to record your answer.  Once you click Record, wait a couple of seconds before you start to make sure that your entire answer is recorded.  Make sure to answer completely and not with just a simple response.  Expand on your answer or give a reason why, to practice speaking French.  (You need FlashPlayer 10 to play this Conversations Video.)