La classe de Madame Jenn

Welcome to Mme. Jenn's class! If you are looking for information about our classroom, you have come to the right place. Below you will find several areas of interest concerning our classroom. You will also find a list of parent resources and links for kids. These resources are links to websites and educational activities that you and your child can use.

We have many interesting and exciting things going on in our classroom this year, and we're looking forward to fun projects and learning every day.

Did You Know?

In Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten, the language of instruction is French. The children's introduction to the Early Immersion Program is "gentle," in that they continue to express themselves in English at this level - only the teacher speaks French. This builds listening comprehension in French so that when academic content is introduced in Grade 1, children have little difficulty following what is going on. Basic vocabulary is taught through the use of rhymes, songs, short stories and play-acting.

Areas of Interest

Just for Kids

Hi kids! These links are just for you. Visit the links below to play lots of fun learning games!

Starfall Learn to Read

If you would like to:

  • Hear the alphabet said in French, click on this: French frog 
  • Hear books read in French with moving illustrations, click on this:  Tumblebooks 
  • Hear a French video from my childhood click on this: Telefrancais

Just for Parents