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Welcome to Fourth Grade!!!

This year your student will be learning a wide arrange of material from the Washington State stardards including: Math, Reading, Science, English, and Soical Studies. Students knowledge of material will be tested through homework, test, and projects.

Important Information & Policies:

Behavioral Expectations


  • Students are expected to treat others the way they want to be treated. 
  • Students are to respect one another.  
  • Students are to respect self.
  • Students are to respect the environment.


Digital Citizenship
  • Stay safe online.
  • Respect themselves and others online.
  • Respect copyrights.
  • Protect private information online. 
Late Work
  • No Late work will be expected unless family emergency, family death, of child illness.
  • Late work will be excused with doctor note.
  • Students will have 3 unexcused tardes for the school year.
  • Excused tardes are by doctor notes.
Extra Credit
  • Extra credit will be give on test.
  • Extra credit is not in place of assignments.
Grade Checks
  • Grade checks will be give every 3 weeks.
  • students are to return them to teacher with the signature of parent or gurdian.
Reward System
  • Students will be rewarded with stars for good grades and good behavior.
  • When students reach 60 stars they will recieve a prize. they can eat lunch in the classroom or they can ick a prize from the prize box.



1.Take care of our materials.


2.Be prepared and ready to learn daily.

3.Follow directions the first time.

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.



1.Verbal warning

2. Loss of privilege

3.Phone call home

4. Referral