SyllabusAlgebra II  Mr. Mahouch                                                         Tutoring Hours: Every day Room 237                                                                                                4:00pm-4:30-pm Materials: Binder with 5 dividers, paper, pencils.     Book      : Glencoe Book                    Grading Policy:Classwork/Homework: 40%Tests   :                          25%Quizzes:                         15%Project:                           20% Week 1                                                                 Week 4 M:    Enrollment/ Class Rules                          M: Review for Test                                               T: 1-1 Expressions and Formulas.                    T: Chapter 1 TestW:   Cont. 1-1                                                    W: Getting Ready for Chapt.2Th: TAKS Review Obj 1                                   Th: 2-1 Relations and Funct.F:    TAKS Review Obj 1.                                  F: HolidayWeek 2                                                                Week 5M:   Labor Day                                                  M: 2-2 Linear EquationsT:    1-2 Properties of Real Numbers                T: Cont. 2-2W:   1-3 Solving Equations                               W: 2-3 Slope                       Th:   Cont. 1-3                                                   Th: Cont. 2-3F:    1-4 Solving Absolute Value Equations      F: 2-4 Writing Linear Equ.                              Week 3                                                              Week 6M: Cont. 1-4.                                                     M:  Cont. 2-4 T: Six-Weeks Exam Cont.                               T:  2-5 Stat : Scatter PlotsW:   1-5 Solving Inequalities.                          W: Cont. 2-5Th:   1-6 Solving Compound and                    Th: Review for 6-Wks        Absolute Value Inequalities                                           F:    Cont. 1-6                                                   F: First 6th Week exam