Element 1

Element 1: Teacher knows their subject content and how to teach that content to their students. 

I believe…

  • Teachers’ knowledge of subject content is inextricably linked to the need to know and understand what constitutes to effective pedagogy. They must engage in investigating, exploring and researching central concepts of the curriculum and demonstrate an ability to adjust and apply research-based pedagogies according to the needs of their students.
  • Specific areas of the curriculum require specific modes of delivery and as such teachers need to be aware of such information in order to adequately prepare themselves in the appropriate manner to deliver and practice such pedagogies.

I have…

  1. Researched and carefully considered how certain researched based pedagogies can be of benefit to the teaching and learning of the particular content/discipline being taught. I have composed an article that identifies and recommends the supported practices in the teaching of the topic volume (Maths article). Great consideration went into the delivery of the content to students as particular researched into teaching the topic volume and capacity revealed the need to provide practical and hands on activities to help students conceptualize the idea of capacity and volume (maths article).
  2. Organized lessons and units of work drawing upon the appropriate NSW syllabus documents addressing the relevant subject matter, outcomes and indicators to create a logical and practical sequence of lessons, to engage and guide students in developing their conceptual understanding of the subject matter (Lesson of miniprogram – maths). In this mini-unit overview it is evident that the lesson have been sequenced in a logical and meaningful manner to assist students work towards their stage outcome.
  3. Used the appropriate and available information communication technologies to enhance the learning experiences of students. I have developed simple and engaging learning objects for use on the interactive whiteboard and have used it as a tool to engage students in a lesson on equivalent fractions (FRACTION GAME).  I’ve used this learning object as a motivator for my students leaving it till the end of the lesson to not only help consolidate their concepts of equivalent fractions but also because I knew they have had limited opportunities to use the interactive white board and were keen on using them and so used it as a motivating tool throughout the lesson.

I need…

  1. To further develop my content knowledge of ICT as well as my classroom management skills in using ICT. My lessons using the interactive whiteboard as well as computer lessons required assistance from a co-operating teacher in order to manage the behaviours of students. Particularly because majority of the children in the class only had access to computer while they were at school, and often were over excited about using a computer. I also need to familarise myself with the operations of a Mac as I am proficient and confident in using only a PC.
  2. Commit myself to continually explore the curriculum to maintain a high level of competency in both my content and pedagogical knowledge. I will examine and research documents to understand how specific content can be taught in ways that support the students in learning and understanding.

I will…

  1. Look at research studies that have been undertaken on classroom management and pedagogical strategies needed when for teaching ICT in lessons and adopt the appropriate pedagogies suitable to the context in which I will teach. I search for and watch a number of flash tutorials available online to learn about how to use the basic functions of a Mac and use the Macs at uni to practice these skills.
  2. Sign up to the mailing list of teaching organizations that provide support for teachers and their professional development such as PETA, MERGA and AAMT in order to receive the most recent and up to date research about teaching pedagogies and approaches to teaching.