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Digital Access

Digital Access 

Today's modern age of technology is hard for teachers to keep up with. With everything from Facebook to twitter, the technology is growing. With this rise in technology, teachers are being asked to integrate it more and more into their daily lesson plans. While being asked to use the digital equipment, parents and students have a hard time keeping up at their house. The expense that some parents have to pay for the technology is not reasonable, and they cannot afford it; therefore, we have to make time in the class day to give all students the opportunity to catch up on work that has to be done on the computer.

There are different ways of ensuring all students have the opportunity to use technology at school. One way to ensure all classes have equitable technology time is the use of a calendar or sign-up sheet. This could be for a computer lab or digital devices in your classroom. Teachers might also allow students to bring their own devices into the classroom if allowed at your school. This would help to utilize available resources.

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