Classroom Guidelines

Mrs. Mamaty - Honors Math Guidelines


Quarters 1 & 3

Quarters 2 & 4

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25 %
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Mid-Term or Final

2.      Behavior

A)   Demonstrate self control during class

·         Be ready for class at the bell.

·         Remove homework and place in front of you when seated.

·         Sharpen your pencil before class begins, if necessary.

·         Respect the teacher and others.

·         Do not be a distraction.

 3.      Class Work

A)   All class work and homework is to be completed in pencil.

B)   Class work should have a header in the upper right corner of the paper with your name, the date and assignment.


4.      Homework

A)   Homework is worth a significant part of your grade.  Issues with completing it will negatively impact your grade.

B)   All homework is to be completed on time as assigned.

C)   Homework (that is not in your workbook) should be completed in your math notebook and have a header in the upper right corner of the paper with the date due and assignment.

D)   Always review the work done in class and be prepared for a quiz on that information.

E)    No credit is given for incomplete homework.

F)    Class work and homework will be graded for content, spelling, neatness, organization and grammar.

G)   Homework must be graded in red pen, with the score displayed on the first page.  Homework without a name, or incorrectly graded may not receive full credit.


5.      Absence

A)   Expectation – All makeup work will be completed on time.

B)   In case of absence, homework is due the following day after you return to school (i.e., if you are absent on a Monday and return to school on Tuesday, the homework you missed Monday night would be due on Wednesday).

C)   You are responsible for getting missed assignments from RenWeb or a classmate (you may see me if you have any questions).

D)   If you are absent the day prior to a test, you are still expected to take the test on the appointed day. Special accommodations will be made for prolonged absences.

E)    If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you will be given a modified test at an arranged time.  It is your responsibility to see me and to arrange for a time to make up the test (or quiz).  Tests and quizzes that are not made up in a timely manner will be recorded as a 0%.

6.      Class Preparation

A)   Expectation – all required supplies will be brought to class

Supplies needed for class include:

·         Textbook, workbook, notebook, homework assignment book, pocket folder & pencil bag with pencils and a red pen.

B)   Students who fail to come to class prepared will lose class participation credit.

C)   Students who lack the proper pre-requisite background for this math class, or who need further explanation of the material, are expected to demonstrate a willingness to learn the material on their own time.  An excellent math website to use is  Also check out specific links on my web page for your class or see me for additional options.

7.      Extra Help

Students who would like extra help can see me between 8:00 and 8:20 in my classroom most mornings.