Important Websites

Third Grade Website

Manatee Bay Elementary School Website

Broward County Schools Website


  • Click Student Portal
  • Enter Student User ID and Password (Birthdate....MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Math: Under Online Testbooks Grades 1-5  - Click Harcourt Math Grade 3
  • Reading: Under Florida Treasures  - Click Third Grade

FCAT Explorer

  • Click on Doorway #1
  • Follow website directions to log in.


Links for 3rd

Arithmetic Four

geometry geopardy
Fun with fractions.  When you open the link you must scroll down and  click on
fraction pieces.
Fractions (BBC)
Introduction to decimals
Equivalent fractions
word problems
Multiplication and Division 
Multiplication Practice
division asteroids
Fraction Sorter- students create fractions and compare them
Drill Practice (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication)
skill games
mean, median, mode (motorcycles)
volume - great visual
create a graph
function machine
multiplication demo tool
Division Machine
Fraction Practice
Division Practice