The brick fundraiser is sponsored by the MHS Beta Club.  Its purpose is to provide selected senior Beta members with scholarships.  The brick fundraiser was also a way to honor former coach, Moose Munyan. At one time the bricks surrounded the iron Dragon statue at the Lobrano Field, but after the construction of the new field house and track, they were relocated next to the field house near the newly errected Moose Munyan bust monument.  The most recent bricks were placed on the HOME side of Lobrano field. At this time, there have not been enough ordered to complete the columns, but that is the plan.  

Not only are the bricks a way to award deserving seniors with scholarships, but it is a way for you to honor someone who attended MHS and/or leave your mark.  The bricks are sold annually for a two week period. This year's brick fundraiser will take place April 6-19th.  The small brick is 4"x8" and holds up to 4 lines of text. It costs $60. The large brick is 8"x8" and holds up to 6 lines of text. It costs $100.  If you would like to order a brick, you can print the order form here, get one from the school, or from a Beta member during the selling period.  Please read the order form carefully and enter your information correctly. If you have any questions, contact Christi Bryan at 318.248.2485 or email


Thank you for supporting the Mangham Dragons!