Beta Club

Dates to Remember:  



The MHS chapter of the National Beta Club is an honor organization based on academics and community service.


1. An 8th grader is invited at the end of their 8th grade year on the following criteria:

a. Must have a 3.0 or better

b. Must not have a D or F in any core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) at any time throughout their 8th grade year.

            c. Must not have a C, D, or F in any semester or final grades.

d. Must have very few Cs on the report card. (We will look at the subject area and frequency of the C.)

            e. Must not have any major office referrals.

            f. Must attend school on regular basis and not be in jeopardy of failing due to absences.

            g. Must exhibit high moral standards.

2. Students who do not qualify at the end of their 8th grade year and feel that they meet the above requirements at the end of their 9th grade year may bring their 9th grade report card to the sponsor to be considered admission into the MHS Beta Club at the end of their 9th grade year.  After their 9th grade year, they will no longer be considered.

3. Students who transfer from other schools and belonged to their Beta Club can join if their academic record meets Mangham Beta club standards.

4. Students who transfer from another school that did not have a Beta Club can join during any time if their academic record meets Mangham Beta Club standards.


Member Requirements:

1. Once a student is in the Mangham High School Beta Club, the student must follow the following academic requirements:

            a. All As & Bs are preferred; Cs in non-core classes are not penalized.

b. No Ds or Fs are permitted in any class at any time. This will result in an automatic dismissal.

c. A student may not have a C in their semester or final grades for a core class (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health/PE). If they do, they will be placed on a one semester probation. If after one semester probation, the student still has a C in the semester or a final grade for a class, they will be dismissed from the Sr. Beta Club.

2.  Once a student is in the Mangham High School Beta Club, the student must follow community service requirements:

            a. A member is required to obtain 5 service points per six weeks.

b. Service points must be documented on the official service point form and signed by the person who received the service.  The form must be turned into Mrs. Bryan by placing in the folder on her door before the six weeks ends.

c. Students who do not complete the service point requirement will be placed on probation and are not allowed to attend meetings or social events pertaining to Beta.

3. Once a student is in the Mangham High School Beta Club, the student must uphold a high moral standard, including in-school and out of school behavior.

a. Members who receive a referral for minor infractions will be placed on probation. Members who receive a referral for major infractions, such as but not limited to skipping, fighting, cheating, disrespecting a teacher,  or violating cell phone or tobacco, etc. policies, the member will be dismissed from the Beta Club.

b. Members are to maintain a commendable reputation and not partake in behaviors that would tarnish their reputation and connection with the club. Evidence of such behavior brought to the attention of the sponsor will warrant an evaluation by the sponsor and administrators and could possibly result in termination of the student's membership, depending on the offense. 


Probation & Dismissal

1. Once the student is placed on probation, a member has a two six weeks period to bring up service points or academic record.

2. Once a student is dismissed from Beta due to academic or service point infractions, they must sit out at least a full year. At the close of that year, grades will be re-evaluated and the student can rejoin if grades have returned to eligibility standards.

3. Students who are dismissed due to behavior issues will not be reinstated.