Graduation Ceremony Information


Location: Rayville Arts Center

Date/Time: TBA

Tickets: the # of tickets issued is determined by the number of students who have met all graduation requirements. This number is not released until all grades and standardized testing scores have been turned in to the proper officials.  It is based on the max capacity of the building given by the fire marshal and the number of graduates.

Graduate Attire

Girls - Black dress shoes (not flip flops) and any color dress that does not show under your graduation gown.

Boys - Black dress shoes, black pants, white long sleeve button up shirt, dark colored long tie

Typical Schedule of events: 

At some point prior to practice, Mrs. Tara will give you your graduation contract. This must be turned in before or at graduation practice so that you will be allowed to participate in graduation.

On the Wednesday before graduation, ALL seniors are required to attend graduation practice at the RAC.  At this practice, students will receive cords, stoles, and collars that they have earned.  They will also receive their cap/gown/tassel and tickets.  The ceremony will be rehearsed, as well.  

  • Don't wash/iron your gown. It will shrink and/or burn. To get wrinkles out, hang in your bathroom during hot showers so the steam releases the wrinkles.
  • Decorating the top of your cap is absolutely prohibited. You will not be able to walk if this is done to your cap.
  • Girls: make sure you use a safety pin to pin in your white collar.  Also, make sure to choose a dress that does not show in the collar area or at the bottom.
  • Tassel is placed on the right side and moved to the left side during the ceremony.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, keep in mind that you must have a hair-do or cut that will allow your cap to fit on your head and stay there.     
  • Boys, make sure your long tie is tied at least a day before the ceremony, so it is one least thing you have to worry about.  Your female teachers do not know how to tie your ties nor have the time the day of graduation to do so.       
  • It is recommended that you do not put your gown on until you have arrived so you don't get it wrinkled.                         

On graduation day, only seniors are to arrive at the RAC an hour and a half prior to the beginning of the ceremony. No one else is allowed in the auditorium at this time. Once everyone is dressed, we will take a group photo of the class and then every senior will take a mock photo receiving their diploma from Mrs. Futch.  This photo is done by Portraits Plus of Ruston and will be accessible for purchase a week or two after graduation. Envelopes to order this will be passed out at graduation practice. Approximately thirty minutes prior to the ceremony, all seniors must go behind the stage area and will not be allowed to go into the auditorium or outside of the building. Please make sure the appropriate people have the tickets they need before you enter RAC. 

After graduation and before you leave RAC, please remember to get your actual diploma from whomever is passing those out.  If by chance you forget to do so, you will have to pick it up from the school at a later date.