Mrs. Bryan's Edgenuity Classes


Checking your Assignments, their due date, and your grade:

1) Click on the gray progress bar for the subject.

2) On your Course Map (the 3 dots with the 3 bars), if you see a red triangle with an exclamation point in it next to an assignment, that assignment is overdue and is negatively affecting your grade. 

3)If you click on the bar graph on the left hand side, you can see your target completion versus where you currently are.

4) Your Course Report shows you your entire curriculum for the whole year and shows the dates each assignment, quiz, etc. that they are due.


Progress Reports/Report Card

You will only receive one grade per progress report and one grade per report card because the edgenuity program calculates it all automatically.


Phase 1/2 & Completing Work

As long as you are on target or ahead (blue or green), you are counted present on your days that you are home.  If you are behind (red), you are marked absent and it is applied towards owing seat time after you have reached your max number of days absent. When you are at home on the days you do not come to the school building, you are still responsible for your school work on those days.


Remind App

If you have not added yourself to the class Remind App, you need to do so, so that Mrs. Bryan can contact you when you get behind and so that you can message her about unlocking quizzes and tests.  Ask Mrs. Bryan for the code.  (Disclaimer: If you are not enrolled under Mrs. Bryan's Edgenuity class, she cannot see or unlock your quizzes, etc.)