Senior Slideshow


Deadline: March 19th, but I would prefer much sooner. You can start turning them in now, even if it isn't all at once.  The only picture that will be allowed after this date is your senior picture, but April 23rd will be the absolute last day for this.

If you have bought a senior recognition page, using some, if not all of the same photos is also preferred.  You need to make sure to note in some way which ones are being used for slideshow.


Seniors should turn in the following pics to Mrs. Bryan. All pictures need to be of you only or they will be cropped to where only you are showing. 

1) A picture of you in the age group of baby-1 year old

2) A Kindergarten picture (preferably a cap and gown)

3) A picture of you in the age group of 11-13 years old

4) A picture of you as a Senior {This can be a professional portrait or a candid photo, but absolutely no filters}


Pictures can be hard copies, emailed, or saved to a flash drive. All digital photos must be in jpeg or png file extensions.

         -Hard copies must be labeled with your name and placed in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your name on it.

         -Emailed photos must be sent to Make sure you have your name in the email and type "Senior

          Slideshow Pics" in the subject line.   

         -Write your name on outside of flash drive or come by 1st period so that Mrs. Bryan can immediately save your pics to her laptop. 


You may also bring pictures with your classmates throughout the years, especially elementary and junior high age to put in the slideshow after your individual slides. Send these in the same manner described above, but labeled as "Extra." Remember ALL photos must be school appropriate. No photos with the appearance of tobacco, alcohol, or drug use, including vapes or cups that could lead to the suspicion of alcohol.  Also, there should be no inappropriate clothing or lack thereof, or inappropriate poses or gestures.


Your senior quote used for the yearbook is the same one that will be used for the slideshow.  You must quote someone else, preferably someone renowned and distinguished; be school appropriate; and it must be approved by your English teacher before it is sent to Mrs. Bryan.  You must include who wrote the quote when you submit it. Make sure you have the original, correct source.