Students are expected to complete a daily assignment for the first five minutes of class.  The rest of class time will be spent working on reading strategies, skills, and writing. Students will work individually, with partners, and in groups.

Each student should come to class with a pencil or pen, agenda, and a silent reading book. Student folders and journals will stay in the classroom.

Grades will be available for parents online. Your grade will be broken down into the following:    Homework (including Type 1 writing) – 20%  Participation (graded jointly between student and teacher) – 10%   Tests/Projects (including Type 3, 4, and 5 writing) – 40%  Quizzes and Type 2 writing – 30%

If homework is not completed, students will be allowed to hand it in within 24 hours for partial credit. After that, late work will not be accepted.