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Activities for the Month of June

June 1st                          Donut Day

                                    Flip a Coin Day

                                Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday

                                 Stand for Children Day

Honor Stand for children Day by making sure children are “college ready.”

June 3rd             First United States Spacewalk day

                                         Egg Day

June 4th                    Aesop’s Birthday

                                        Cheese Day

                                      First Ford Made

In 1896, Henry Ford made his first operational car. One idea for an activity for this day is to discuss what it would be like to not have cars. Children may then write an essay on the topic.

June 5th               First Hot Air Balloon Flight

                               National Gingerbread Day

                                    Richard Scary’s Birthday

Richard Scary is a children’s book author. He was born in 1919. Celebrate this author by reading his book “The Best Christmas Ever.”

June 7th                    National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 8th                       Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday

                                               World’s Ocean Day

An activity for this day is to visit a nearby aquarium.

June 12th                The Baseball was Invented

What a better way to celebrate this day by participating in a baseball game.

June 14th                            Flag Day

June 17th                   Eat your Vegetables Day    

This day provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

June 19th                          Juneteenth 

A day to celebrate the commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States.

June 25th                      Eric Carle’s Birthday 

Honor Eric Carle by reading some of his children’s books like, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, or “The Grouch Ladybug”.

June 28th                     Paul Bunyan’s Birthday

Read “The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan.”