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Nature Journals

Children can record all kinds of observations regarding his/her surroundings. For example, count the number of flowers in an area once per week for three weeks. Did the number stay the same? Why?

They may also use their nature journals to draw or list some of the things found near your home or in a park, example feathers, pinecones, acorns.


Children may create “List Poems”. To create a list poem, students may begin with listing nouns of everything they see in nature. Then they will list verbs and adjectives. They will compile these nouns and verbs, or adjectives into a poem. Here is an example…

Nouns  : trees, sun, pond

Verb /Adjectives : sway, shine, glisten

Poem   :                         Trees sway

                                         Sun shines

                                        Ponds glisten

                                In the quiet, hot days of summer.



Summer is great for field trips and new experiences. After visiting a place, have your child write reviews of their new adventure. They may also create a scrapbook.