Fraction Skills Practice

A delicious way to work on fractions is to use The Hershey Milk Chocolate Fraction Book  by Jerry Pallotta.

The Hershey bar is divided into 12 equal squares making it great to show how fractions work.

The book starts off by explaining the fraction 1/12 in relation to one rectangle of chocolate then continues all the way through to one whole Hershey bar.

It includes addition and subtraction facts and even has a little science of telling how milk chocolate is made. 


June 1st is Flipping a Coin Day!

This day provides the perfect opportunity to work on probability.

Select a side … heads/tails. Flip the coin five times and write down the results of each flip, example heads, tails, tails, etc.

Repeat this nine more times making sure to record the results.

Once completed, count the number of times heads/tails occurred. Record the data. The data may also be graphed.

Repeat the steps ten more times for a second series and once again graph.

Compare the graph results. Is there a difference? What does this tell you about making conclusions on a small number of series?