Treatment Of Covid 19



Coronavirus Exposure As an Added Risk Factor




The secretive Coronavirus is treating in a manner that even scientists find tough to explain. The illness introduces mysterious phenomena as well as cases that are mismatched with the clarification that the harshness of the disease completely depends on background and age illnesses such as fever. Following are some examples:

  • The truth that healthy and young people in their 20’s, that contract the problem, die.
  • The truth that elderly people more than the age of 100 years have improved from the virus infection.
  • The truth that there are some people that contract the influenza without even sense it.
  • The truth that there are some people that get better from the Coronavirus as well as contracted it one more.
  • The truth that some professionals and scientists think that there can be two strains to the coronavirus symptoms, one mild as well as one more violent.

These types of cases should lead, even people that are not specializes in the field, to the assumption that there is one more influential risk concern. This type of factor can surely be, as explained below, the exposure level of Coronavirus, or, in some other words, total number of viruses to that the body is uncovered.

Immune system of the body is same to a national army. The healthier and younger the person, the sturdier their army. Once hostile and foreign viruses attack the body, immune system soldiers instantly mobilize to keep secure it. The statement by that healthy people, without any background illnesses, can overwhelmed the virus, is just based on their immune system quality, but doesn’t think about the quantity, i.e. the arithmetical balance of power between the cells of immune system and attacking viruses. To know better the level to which virus exposure can be critical, we would present two different examples of reduction – one by a fit young person that spent their time with virus infected patients for some days without maintaining a suggested distance, and another, a fit young person that just touched a surface more than a few hours after it was uncovered to the virus. Obviously, the person’s immune system uncovered to a “small” amount of virus cells can overwhelmed them more simply compare to the immune system of a person visible to a much larger amount of the virus cells. There are professional coronavirus doctor burleigh waters that are doing their best to treat the virus infected people.

A special level of exposure to the Corona viruses can clarify why aged people with some diseases get better from the virus, why healthy and young people die from it, why people feel the shortness of breath or other disease without feeling any signs and why people that are uncovered to a very lower virus level, completely fail to develop sufficient antibodies as well as contract the problem again. It even explains why there are professionals that think there are two different strains to the problem, one very violent and one mild. It is suggested you, when you feel trouble breathing, earlier asthma symptoms or pneumonia don’t go away as you can be suspect to virus attack.