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Project Page

1893 Chicago World Fair

Project Columbian Exposition


Hello students!!

You have been reading the novel Fair Weather, written by Richard Peck in our language arts and social studies classes during the past three weeks. The story takes place during the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. As part of this reading selection you have been researching what the World’s Fair was like, and what made it such a fascinating event.

The objective of this project will be to research a specific event from the 1893 Chicago World Fair. The student will assume the role of a newspaper reporter during 1893, writing an article that relates to this famous event. The outcome of this project will be for you to design a one page newspaper that will include the article about the World Fair, a photograph illustrating the article, an advertisement from the time period, and a format recreating an authentic newspaper from that era. The internet has many useful websites that will provide students with information, photos, and advertisements. The following are some examples of what a student may write about, but is not limited to this list: 

Agricultural Building

Machinery Hall

Women’s Pavilion

Art Building

Electricity Building

US Government Building

Fisheries Building

Transportation Building 

Midway Plaisance

Electric fountains

Foreign countries represented

Ferris Wheel

Illinois Building

Western Venice

The Statue of the Republic

Brazilian Building

The Columbian Fountain  

Here are a few of the many websites you may use to do your research. Go to any search engine and type in 1893 Chicago World Fair and you will find many resources.  Also I have included a couple video links so you can witness the fair in real time!! 

This project is a weighted grade therefore it is important that you make every effort to complete the assignment, to the best of your ability.  This project will be due December 1st. 

The following is a rubric that will determine the student’s grade:  


Newspaper format20%
Creative appearance15%

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me.