CTSP Growth and Development

My growth in and development with my specific chosen standards has made an incredible impact on my teaching.  Focusing on accomodating my SPED students has helped me realize the importance of keeping myself organized and understanding the importance of keeping my classroom organized.  Being organized is key in making sure your students have everything they need to be successful.  Keeping private lists, revisiting IEPs and asking for assistance from the SPED department is all critical when attempting to make sure each student has what they need moving forward.

However it is not just about the SPED students, but about all students.   Each student learns in a unique and different way, making them prime candidates for options and opportunity.  Allowing students to record video rather than a presentation, writing an essay rather than a slide-show, etc all help to create an effective classroom.  It is my genuine hope that I can continue to take these practices to my next classroom.