Example of Student Success and Achievement


I am so proud to say that so many of my students have grown this year.  Not just academically but as young adults.  Freshman year is a year where I believe students grow the most.  They begin their transition from middle to high school and you see this dramatic transformation from scared and nervous to confident young adults.  I’m proud to say I feel I grew the most with my 5th period class.  This particular group was as modge-podge of students from very large diverse backgrounds.  The students were NOT happy they were all in the same class.  What started with a class of 25 dwindled down to only 14 at the end of the year.  The trials and tribulations we endured as a class helped to drive my students to find growth and support with their unlikely peer relationships.  Watching them develop into more accepting students helped with their academic achievements as well.  Below are some photos that help shape and reflect my students and their achievements this year.