New Strategy and Rescouces 

This resource is amazing for tracking students' progress!  Students take a diagnostic and it is directly correlated with their grade level standards.  You receive reports that tell you each student’s progress and gives students individualized support and practice.  If you look below you can see that each student has individualized progress.  This is a great opportunity to see your students' growth! This is a great opportunity to see where my students need extra help.

I have really loved the visuals that are presented with the website Socrative.  This website gives great instant feedback for students taking exams.  The website gives you options for short answers, multiple choice questions and short answers.  It also creates data that helps you see your students’ strengths and weaknesses. As you can see, the percentage of students in the class whom received correct answers are indicated below.  This helps guide my original goal of using data to help drive instruction.