Meet Mrs. Hepp


     My name is Maria Celeste Hepp and am proud to say I was born and raised here in New Britain.  My parents immigrated here from Argentina.  While my mother is of Argentine decent, my father was Slovenian.  Both went on to become educators in New Britain and taught my sisters and I  that education and hard work would be the keys to our success.  I attended UCONN and graduated with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with a concentration in Genetics.  I obtained my Master's degree from CCSU in Biology.  I also obtained my teaching degrees in Biology and Chemistry from CCSU.

     While I started my teaching career as a High School Biology Teacher in Glastonbury, I briefly left teaching to pursue pharmaceutical sales and then worked in Genetic Sequencing at the UCONN Health Center.  Ultimately, I came to teach here Chemistry here in New Britain in 2001, and have never looked back!  Currently I teach Pre-AP Honors Chemistry, Chemistry in The Community, and an ELL Chemistry in The Community class.  

     In the year 2000, I married Mr. Christopher Hepp who also teaches here at NBHS.  While he used to teach Math, he now is part of the NBHS Business Academy.  We have three boys, Matthew (15), Christopher (13), and Mikey (11).  All three, like their father, are sport fanatics!  Doesn't matter what time of year, they are always either playing baseball, basketball or watching an NBA, NFL, or MLB game.    

     My hobbies include watching my boys play sports, reading, hiking, skiing, and learning about medicine and nutrition.  I really enjoy traveling  and have been to Belgium, Amsterdam, Mexico and Costa Rica.  I  look forward to going to visit my family in Argentina soon!    My boys are getting older, and I will soon lose my opportunity to travel with them therefore within the next few years we plan is to visit Spain and Slovenia.   

     One of the most rewarding parts of teaching has been getting to know my students!   I love this town and love our diverse student body!  I can not wait to meet you all in September!   See you soon!