Best argumentative essay topic ideas for your history research


Best argumentative essay topic ideas for your history research

History is filled with its fair share of interesting events and uncertain storylines. As such, it isn’t uncommon to find different historians having varied perspectives on a specific event. Thus, giving rise to a wide variety of arguments and a lot of heated debate.

Thus, it makes sense for you to want to write an argumentative essay relating to history. As such, down below are some great Argumentative essay writer Topics to help you out. So, just go through them and find the right topic and inspiration for your history research.

What are Argumentative Essays?

These essays are really great ways to discuss a controversial or widely debated issue. As such, care must be taken that you don’t write about something that is a well-established fact. Because doing that would simply defeat the purpose of the essay and won’t really make for some good talking points.

How to Decide a Topic?

Before you can start writing your essay, there are a few things that you should ensure. Your essay topic should be about something that you are interested in. Because that way when you finally decide to write my essay for me, you end up enjoying the process. At the same time, the topic you choose shouldn’t be too broad or lack focus since that can prove detrimental to your essay.

Another thing to take care of is not simply state facts about your topic. Because that doesn’t leave you with much to debate on. In addition, the topic you choose needs to have enough supporting information and sources for you to cite in your essay.

Similarly, going for a topic that is likely to stir up a lot of emotions is the wrong play. Since it leaves you with very little room to actually defend your argument with supporting data and statistics. Thus, going against the very principles of argumentative essay writer service.

And lastly, don’t go picking a topic that you know nothing about. As that will undoubtedly cause you a lot of problems. For example, you could unknowingly write something wrong, or you might not understand what direction your essay should go in.

Topics for Your Essay

Down below is a comprehensive list of some great history-related essay topics, just for you.

  • Did European Colonization have a strong impact on Native Americans?
  • What was the role of women in the movement toward revolution?
  • What were the root causes of the American Revolution? 
  • What caused the civil war between North and South America?
  • What effect did the great depression have on the American banking industry?
  • How did America grow after the Second World War?
  • What were the causes of the 2008 financial crisis?
  • Does public communication have any value?
  • Was Hitler’s never-ending ambition the reason behind Germany losing to the allies?


Still not sure what to write? Don’t worry about it and don’t think that no one will write my essay. Because you most definitely can find tons of help in writing your essay on the web. But before you do that, just have a look at the rest of the topics, down under.


  • Did America respond well to the Holocaust?
  • Were the actions of the Church in medieval Europe justified?
  • Why do empires fall?
  • Could the Second World War have been prevented?
  • The greatest conqueror that ever lived.
  • Was early 20th-century imperialism justified?
  • What was the principal cause behind the fall of the Mughal empire?
  • Is a Third World War likely to occur in the near future?
  • The impact of slavery on the American Economy.
  • The second amendment needs to be altered.


And there it is! You have at last reached the end of the list of topics. So, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back. But don’t get too excited, because now, you have to actually write your essay.

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