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This website is designed for students in Ms. Cisneros math classes at Greenfield High School.

This website contains information about the classes taught by Ms. Cisneros and how to contact her. Any students needing help will need to visit the Edmodo account created for the individual class when seeking homework help from the teacher or peers.

Why do I teach math???

Contrary to popular demand, I do not teach math to torture my students. I teach it because its the most rewarding career; at least to me. Teaching takes you on all sorts of adventures you never imagined. It allows you to be creative and open the creative side many students did not realize they had.


Math 1 and Math 1 Honors (9th)


This course is designed to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in middle school. It is comprised of standards selected from the high school conceptual categories, which were meant to be addressed throughout the grades 9-12 instead of any single course. The scope of this course is limited to linear, exponential, absolute value, step, and piece wise defined functions.


Math 3 and Math 3 Honors (11th)