Ms. Valeria Marivani's Philosophy Statement

I have always loved and cared for young children and babies. What I enjoy most about being around younger children, is the feeling of being their role model. I enjoy that children can look up to me for anything. Children have minds that are wanting to explore and discover new things, and I love to be there to help them expand their discoveries. This is why I want to be an elementary teacher. When I was a teenager in high school, I never had the thought of becoming a teacher. One evening while at church, a prophet told me that I was soon going to me a "demonstrator" to young children. For years I told myself that this was not what I wanted to do. After two years in college, I have not wanted anything more. I cannot wait to be an educator of young children. I now know the prophet was completely right. I have now been volunteering in my church's nursery for a couple of years.

Schools are one of the first places where children's behavior and future educational success becomes to shape. Therefore, as an elementary teacher, it is my duty to make sure that children learn the base of their educational life. Besides teaching my students academic subjects, I want to teach them about manners. In my opinion, teachers are the second mothers for their students because they will be spending most of their time with us than with their own mothers. All teachers are in the hands of a child's future. Since we are the second mothers, I believe we need to teach our students manners such as respect and kindness. I believe that the way students' act depends on the teacher's attitude. It is very important for teachers to express a warm classroom environment with enthusiasm, kindness, respect, and positivity in order for students to feel comfortable and be willing to participate. Besides teaching to my students, I want to expand their imagination and creativity. By this I can incorporate art and games that relate to the studies. i want to ensure that my students will have fun learning in my classroom. Besides, if the classroom environment is not exciting and joyful, who will want to study and learn? Once a student enjoyed learning one thing, he or she will be eager to learn what is next. Most often a lesson that is enjoying is more willing to be remembered. I believe that all students are learners who are teachers as well. I believe that children can teach each other because some children have more imagination than others. As a teacher, I will incorporate a curriculum that is not bias. All children will be from different cultures, therefore I must incorporate all cultures in all the subjects that will be taught. If an individual learner needs individual assistance, my goal will be to talk to the student individually to fulfill his or her needs. Also, I think it is very important to always be in contact with every student's parents in order to completely get to know each student and to understand what home environment each student comes from. By knowing this, I can determine why some are struggling more than others.

All in all, I want to always be there when a student is in need. I want every one of my students to feel comfortable in my classroom. I want them to be excited to learn as soon as they walk in the door. Besides being a second mother, I want to be their friend and I want to guide them as they grow up. I want my students to be remember what they are taught so that they can pass it on to their friends and families. I want them to use my lessons to expand their knowledge in the future. I want my teachings to always be remembered as my students grow up.  

-Ms. Valeria Marivani