What is Netiquette?

      Netiquette Concepts refers to guidelines that govern civil and courteous online behavior. When teaching Netiquette in the classroom, it is important to break down the concept of Netiquette into the root words: net and etiquette. The concept and skills of Netiquette belong in its own subgroup under the umbrella term, Digital Citizenship. Learning about these skills are important for email, messaging, and discussion boards. Teaching Netiquette skills in the classroom increases student and teacher relationships. Another important reason to teach Netiquette skills is to decrease the risk of cyberbullying.

Include Social Networking and Cyberbullying Policies 

     Social networking refers to the use of Internet-based social media sites. These forms of social media help up to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Popular examples of social networking include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Because social media is so prevalent in our society, even for young students, it is important to talk about leaving a Digital Footprint. It’s important to explain to students that once content is posted (text or pictures) it has a permanent presence online. Establishing a positive online identity is a crucial conversation that needs to be taken seriously. 

     While there is no federal law that specifically applies to cyberbullying and its consequences, different policies and regulations are in place by individual school districts or large communities. Many districts adopt their policies regarding cyberbullying from the Common Components of State Anti-Bullying Laws. Much of the focus regarding cyberbullying is preventative actions such as raising awareness among students, how to respond if they witness cyberbullying taking place, parent training, peer-support interventions, and encouraging a positive school climate. Some schools offer resources in which students can anonymously report online abuse through online tools, such as: MySafeSchool and Cyber-Bully Hotline.





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