Mrs. Laughery's Art Classes


I am very excited to be teaching your child Art this year.  I am a mother also and I know how hard it is to let your little one go, I feel very privileged to be a part of their lives once a week.  Not only am I an Art teacher I also teach Reading.  I feel it is very important to expose children to books.  I will be reading books in Art class and our projects will go along with the stories.

Our first week I will read A color of his own by Leo Lioni, go over the Art class rules and consequences  and assign the students their "special" seats. Our second week we will discuss different kinds of lines, make them in the air and cut and glue lines onto a paper.  This will not only teach them about lines but also give them practice using scissors and glue. 

1st Grade

I am very excited about teaching your child Art again this year.  It’s wonderful to see how much they have grown over the summer.  I will be reading many books again and we will be doing Art projects that go along with them.

Our first week I will read The Art Lesson by Tomie DePaola, go over the rules and consequences and assign them their "special" seats.  The second week I will read Lines by Philip Yenawine and the students will be creating a house scene using the different kinds of lines.

4th Grade

I am looking forward to a great year of Art with your child.  I will be working with the new Art teacher and coming up with fun and challenging Art projects.

Our first week we will go over the rules and consequences, assign seats and everyone will get a paper puzzle piece to design with things about themselves.  The next week the students will finish their puzzle piece and we will put the puzzle together.  No puzzle is complete without every piece, that is why is important to work together.



"All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."      Pablo Picasso